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Generally you must file a GST/HST return for every This form provides general instructions for your 3. GST189 General Rebate Application and/or the form GST66 GST/HST Rebate Application for Public Service Bodies and attach the rebate application form to this return. Line 112 Line 113 A Subtract line 112 from line 109. Detach and Return Lower Portion GST34 E 98 Sales and Other Revenue PAYMENT ENCLOSED FOR REGISTRANTS Tax Paid Tax Due on Acquisition of Real Property NET TAX Self-Assessed I...
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Comments and Help with gst form pdf

Who needs this tax return?

This is a form requested from big companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs by the Canada Revenue Agency. They need to file this tax return if they provide services or sell goods on Canadian territory.

What is this tax return for?

This a report for the CRA where businesses have to include GST (goods and services tax), HST (harmonized sales tax), ITCs (input tax credits), adjustments, and net tax. Net tax is calculated as a difference between GST/HST (taxes withheld from customers) and ITC (business expenses and necessary purchases).

Is it accompanied by other forms?

It does not require addenda, however it would be smart to keep evidence of your payments. They will be of great help whenever you need to verify the amounts you report to CRA.

When is this return due?

The CRA representatives will appoint the period depending on the annual income. If the business entity receives $1,5M a year or less, it needs to file this return at the end of the tax year. If its income is more than $1,5M but less than $6M, the company should file a tax return quarterly. For every business that makes more than $6M a year returns are expected every month.

How do I fill out goods and services tax return?

All the necessary fields are located in the bottom of this return. Use the upper part for calculation as a draft and when you learn the correct amounts, transfer them to the lower part of the document. Don’t write anything on the back of the form, and keep the top portion for your records.

Where do I send it?

File your returns with CRA electronically. Visit CRA official website to learn more details.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing gst remittance form
Instructions and Help about gst forms
Hey guys has a gold judge from live see a chartered accountant at WWF c-anca in today's video blog I want to show you guys how to file your GST or HST return online using the gst/hst net file system so let's take a look how to do this alright so let's do a Google search here for GST HST net file and it should be the first option that comes up in the listing so here is your GST HST net file screen but to go ahead and do the the net file you're going to need an access code so let me show you what the GST return looks like that you get in the mail so this you should arrive this should arrive in the standard Canada Post mail you've got your due date up here when your return is due your business number that usually ends in our t triple zero 1 for just the HST and your reporting period as to when the period begins and ends if it's annual or quarterly or monthly and then here in this section here will be your four digit access code the rest of the GST return is going to be the same so your total sales here HST that you collected and the input tax credit so just two HST that you paid let's go back to the net file screen here so assume you've got that in the mail you can go and click ready to file if you don't have that then you just click on need an access code and you can follow the steps to get one so let's go to ready to file so yeah we've got an access code and this stuff is a you know it's enabled on our browser and I've completed the return so we know how to fill out a gist HST return let's say so let's go ahead and continue here so all these details are going to be available on that return that comes in the mail so we talked about the business number and the reporting period and that access code the rest of these things here probably not going to apply if you're a typical small business so I would just say no if you're not sure if you're really not sure and you've got a complicated return get in touch with your accountant same thing goes on all these points here again if you're doing a standard small business just the ages to return these are probably not going to reply same with recapturing tax credits but if you're not sure please get in touch with your accountant so I'm going to click on no here and I'm going to say continue or next now I can't do anything here because I haven't been in the information but I'll just show you once you do all this you're going to get to a screen that shows this and I've blocked out the information number but you'll have the business name business number reporting period and the filing date and then it will ask you to put in the total sales and the total HST code is the HST collected the total input tax credits and the adjustments basically the same screen as you've got here and you just have to do it online once you do that there will be a button that says calculate and once you click on calculate and you say ok you'll get this confirmation this is the final confirmation that you can then print and it will have...